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These are my public online profiles.

My CV is available here as a PDF.

Artificial Intelligence

People have said nice things about the second chapter of my thesis "The History of AI", so I've made it available as a stand alone chapter.

I have written a statement of my research interests, available here as a PDF.

I have started writing an article which aims to reduce the focus on algorithms in Artificial Intelligence, arguing that the implementation of a machine learning algorithm is merely step 3 in the four steps of an artificial intelligence project.

Stochastic Diffusion Search

Can Stochastic Diffusion Search perform linear classification? Read my explorations in this area here.

A simple explanation of Stochastic Diffusion Search accompanied by a faily confusing animation is available here.

The slides for a lecture I gave introducing SDS in the context of natural computing are available here.

A list of publications on Stochastic Diffusion Search can be found at the SDS Publication Repository.


My thesis Local Halting Criteria for Stochastic Diffusion Search Using Nature-inspired Quorum Sensing was submitted on 30 April 2020.

Sensorimotor Theory

My book, co-edited with J. Mark Bishop, Contemporary Sensorimotor Theory was published by Springer in their SAPERE series [BibTex] in April 2014.

I also co-authored the first chapter, Contemporary Sensorimotor Theory: A Brief Introduction. [BibTex]

Fun stuff

A silly little game of 4-player chess, which I invented with friends in lieu of a cancelled pub quiz and subsequently implemented in Javascript, is now being hosted on Ajedrez Eureka. [Play online] [Source].